Wednesday 2 April 2008

The Anti-Coach Strikes Again

As some of you may know, I recently started a Diploma in Coach-Mentoring. Bert, as you would expect, is being as supportive as he can.

I had my first proper coaching session with one of my 'coachees' today. I was quite apprehensive but it seemed to go very well. Bert asked how it went. "It was really good," I replied. "Afterwards she said that she had found it very powerful."

Guess which of the following is Bert's response:
  • Darling, that's wonderful. You're so clever and talented.
  • That's really good - you must feel pleased with yourself.
  • She probably fancies you.
No prizes I'm afraid.


lynneguist said...

Think of it as a compliment--he's saying you're fanciable!

Anonymous said...

I guess at response 3 too ,but wouldn't think it a compliment !
Brilliant as ever though !
The auntie who wants to come dancing !

Tilly said...

Ah - goldilocks - I should have guessed!

Not a compliment I suspect - more like the only possible explanation.