Sunday, 1 July 2007

It's all me, me, me

Funny conversation we had today.

You'll need to pay attention.

I have a problem remembering my own mobile phone number, so I keep an entry for 'me' in my contacts. Last time I got a new phone, I transferred the sim card from my old phone and then gave that phone to Bert. Some quirk of how it stores numbers means that he has a mix of his own numbers and my old ones.

Today I lent my phone to Katie.

OK? Follow all that?

On the way to town I'm checking Bert's phone and notice he has 2 'me' entries. I change one of them to [my name] and then we arrive and so I don't bother to check if the other 'me' is me or him.

In Topshop Bert's phone rings and cuts off before he can answer. He consults his phone.

Bert: "How can I miss a call from myself?" [nearby people lol]
Me: "From yourself? Oh! Does it say me?"
Bert: "It says call from me."
Me: "Oh. That means me."
Bert: "How can it mean you?"
Me: "You had me as 'me' on your phone, but I changed it to [my name]. There's another 'me', but I don't know if that's you or me."
Bert: "So me is you?"
Me: "One of the me's was me but I changed it to [my name]. But there was another 'me'. Did you have a 'me' that is you?"
Bert: "A me that's you? What do you mean?"
Me: "There were two 'me' entries on your phone - one was me, but I don't know who the other 'me' was. I changed the first 'me' so it must have been the other 'me' who rang - it has to be me or you - was there a 'me' that is you?"
Bert: "I don't know. I don't think so."
Me: "So the other 'me' must have been me too, but I don't know why the phone used that 'me' rather than [my name]"
Bert: "So did you just call?"
Me: "No, it must have been Katie. She's got my phone, so she's me."

We're so happy living in la-la land.


Anonymous said...

No... it was me on the phone
X hazel

Anonymous said...

no it wasn't .... it was me ;-)

her indoors said...

i know lots of me's people always ring me and say hi it's me here!!! lol that was funny!

Kerrio said...

That is both brilliant and hilarious!

PMSL. (myself that is)

Goldilocks said...

I am a little late in reacting to
me,me, me in December but it is soooo funny, I had to comment !